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Committee for 9/11 Accountability

(an ad hoc task force overlapping with

New Yorkers Against Religion-Based Bigotry)

Our aims

We support the call for further investigation of those aspects of 9/11 tjat are still murky, for reasons summarized in NYARBB's position on 9/11. We do not advocate any controversial claim about what the U.S. government did or did not do (such as "9/11 was an inside job"). We do not question the essentials of the commonly accepted account of what happened, e.g. that the 9/11 attacks were committed by 19 live human hijackers working for Al Qaeda. But we do support the call for a more truly independent follow-up to the 9/11 Commission, given the coverups and conflicts of interest that are acknowledged even by mainstream sources, and given the large section of the 9/11 Commission report that is based almost exclusively on alleged "confessions" of people who were tortured.. (See NYARBB's position on 9/11, which also discusses the various ways 9/11 is relevant to religion-based bigotry. See also our list of online resources.)

We aim also to (1) educate the public about the ways in which both Islamic supremacist terrorism and lawful Islamic supremacism have been artificially strengthened by U.S. foreign policy (see NYARBB's position against both Islamism and anti-Muslim bigotry), and (2) counteract religiously bigoted ideologies (such as "Illuminati" claims) and other false claims, with roots in anti-Jewish propaganda, that have been spread within the 9/11 Truth movement. (See NYARBB's position against "Illuminati" claims and NYARBB's position on "conspiracy theories".)

Future Events

NYARBB itself will be holding many other meetings dealing with other topics. For up-to-date listings, see NYARBB's Meetup site.

Past Events


NYARBB will probably focus on 9/11 during September of each year. At other times of the year, see NYARBB's other events, especially the events of our Project Against Grand Conspiracy Ideology.

Information and resources

Relevant NYARBB projects

The aims of the Committee for 9/11 Accountability are relevant to the following NYARBB projects:

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NYARBB: main site > Task forces > C911A